Question: I am an employee who is leaving the university, do I get to keep my ESU account after I leave?
Answer: No, you are not able to keep your ESU account after you leave the university. Security Policies in place at the university prohibit you from keeping your ESU account after your last day of employment. Access to all Emporia State University information systems is immediately removed upon termination of employment.

This would include access to systems such as your ESU Microsoft Exchange E-mail Account, Canvas, BuzzIn and Banner. System access to all of those is removed on the last contracted date of your employment at the university when your ESU Account is deactivated.

***Exceptions*** Faculty members will retain access to their ESU Account for 45 days after their contract has been terminated to complete necessary academic responsibilities such as entering grades and communicating with students after their class has reached its end.

Retired Employees have an option to convert their ESU Exchange Email Account into an ESU Gmail Retiree Account. This can be done by filling out this form Retiree Email Account Request Form