My name changed, How do I change my name that is displayed on all my records and ESU's websites that I log into. Also how do I change my username and email address to reflect my new name?
To change the Display name displayed on your records and mailings at the University, along with the name displayed on all the ESU websites you log into do the following.

Students should request their name change from Registration by calling 620-341-5211.

Employees should request their name change from Human Resources by calling 620-341-5379.

Once the name change has been processed by the Registrar/HR department, your Display Name on all your records, mailings, email address book at the University, and name on all ESU websites will change within 24-48 hours from the time the request was processed.

To change your Username you use to login to all your University Accounts and the name used in your email address, please first make sure you have changed your Display Name as directed above, then after that change has been processed contact the IT Help Desk 620-341-5555 or complete the required change form called User Account Management Form using the "User Account Mangement Form" link under the "Data Access Coordinator" section, on the IT Services web site here: The IT Service Desk can assist in completing the form if you need help with that.

After placing your Username change request or submitting the form, this process may take up to 72 hours to complete.

Please note, you will need to notify friends, employers or other parties that your email address is now different after this change has completed. ESU will create an alias in the email systems they control to try prevent missed emails from people still sending emails to the previous address, but the requestor should make arrangements to notify people of their new address as soon as they can.