Can retired (or retiring) ESU employees have an ESU email account?
Yes. ESU now provides a Google e-mail address to retired employees of the university. This will allow you to have an address of for your personal use. There are a few things to keep in mind:

1) THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS YOUR OUTLOOK ACCOUNT. The account you currently use (including the old GroupWise account for some retirees) will go away in accordance with university policy. You do not have the option to use this account instead of Gmail.

2) THE GOOGLE/GMAIL ACCOUNT IS NOT AUTOMATIC. Please complete the Retired Employee Google Request Form prior to your contract expiring or your last day of employment.

3) YOUR PASSWORD IS NOT THE SAME AS YOUR ESU ACCOUNT. The Gmail and Google password won't be the same as your old Outlook/Buzz In/Network password. You cannot use ESU's Password Self-Service to change your Gmail password. *Note: Some retired employees continue to have a "VVV" account with ESU. This is separate from your Google/Gmail account.

4) YOUR OUTLOOK E-MAIL WILL NOT MOVE TO YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNT. You may forward e-mail from Outlook to your Gmail account, but nothing will move automatically. You will need to recreate any groups or distribution lists in Google. TIP: Request your account as early as possible to give you plenty of time to customize your new Gmail account.

5) GMAIL DOES NOT HAVE ESU EMPLOYEES LISTED. The address book, or Directory in Google does not list ESU employees "" addresses.

6) IF YOU HAVE TAKEN CLASSES AT ESU SINCE FALL 2010, YOU LIKELY ALREADY HAVE A GOOGLE ACCOUNT. Since this is the same account we would create for you, you don't need to request a new one. If you're not sure, you can contact the TCS Helpdesk and we'll verify if you have one or not.

7)For iOS setup you will need to use the Gmail App.

For more information, visit ESU's Google Apps website -- ESU Google Apps Website