When is my ESU Account created what accounts are created with it and how will I know when it is ready for use?
1) Student user accounts are created when the admissions office has processed their applications and admitted them to Emporia State University. The system then usually takes 24 hours from the day admissions has admitted a student until all of the parts of your account, including buzzin, blackboard and email have been built and are ready for use.

Students should receive a letter in the mail from the admissions office stating that they have been accepted and in that letter they are advised to call and sign up for a Hornet Connection. Once they have signed up for a Hornet Connection they are then mailed a welcome packet that contains several documents including sheets that give them their username, default password and E-number as well as instructions for how to log into their account.

2) Faculty and Staff user accounts are created when their information is entered into the ESU Human Resources system after they have received your Form C contract that is submitted to them by your department. After the Form C has been processed and all of your personal information has been entered by HR, your account will be created and all the parts of it including your buzzin, blackboard and email accounts should be working within 24hours.

Faculty and staff are usually notified by their department once their contract has been processed through HR and they are given further instruction on how to login etc from their dept. or by calling the help desk.

If you are having trouble signing on to the system or have other questions regarding your account and what it can do, call or stop by the IT Helpdesk at Cremer Hall 149 or dial extension 5555 (off campus dial 341-5555 or call toll free at 877.341.5555) to reach a Help Desk technician. Also you can e-mail the Help Desk: helpdesk@emporia.edu

PLEASE NOTE: For a faculty/staff account creation exception to be considered for someone who does not have any type of official contract with the university, the department's administrative assistant must fill out the Digital User Account Exception Form located on our forms server here: Infopath Forms Server The CIO of the dept. must approve the request; the ISO in Information Technology will notify the Department's administrative assistant when the account is created.